10 Things to Remember when Moving House

Check out our top 10 tips to remember when moving house

  • Draw up a plan of your new home. Know before the move where you would like the furniture placed and give the plan to the moving company if you’re not planning to be there. Use post-it notes for the furniture with details of room placement and on cupboard doors for the unpackers.
  • Pack sufficient towels, bedlinen and pillows separately so beds can be made up as soon as possible. Include sleepwear for the family and necessary toiletries and medications, children’s special toys that share the bed and pet food, leads and bowls.
  • Pack kettle and supplies of snacks, tea, coffee, cups and spoons separately for easy access during the unpacking process.
  • Have prepared and accessible fresh work clothes and school uniforms/requirements for the following day.
  • Do a final check before departing. Leave the keys to any windows, garage locks etc. in a prominent position for the new residents.
  • Gas cylinders, air bottles and similar containers should be emptied several days before moving and all flammable liquids such as thinners, paint, cleaning fluids should be disposed of before the move. It is illegal to transport or store these items.
  • Have family or friends help out with children and pets on moving day.
  • Start using the food in the freezer, empty the fridge and freezer the morning of the move and transport perishables in an esky.
  • Arrange telephone and internet dis/connections at both old and new properties.
  • Arrange mail redirections and final readings of power meters.