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First impressions count! Especially for potential buyers. When it comes to selling, it’s incredibly important your house looks its absolute best. And that’s where we come in! At MOVINGHOUSE Services we recommend a specialist to create the perfect first impression for potential buyers, ensuring your home is presented in the best possible light.

Whether you’re selling a terrace, villa or a townhouse, a beach house or a bungalow, a converted barn or a cottage, we can ensure it’s ready for sale, and styled to show off its most attractive features. We can help make lounge rooms look brighter, bedrooms airier and kitchens more spacious. MOVINGHOUSE Services recommend an expert to work with what you have, to create the best possible version of your home.


There are many ways to present a house for sale. Happily, we know what is needed to wow potential buyers! One of the first things we look at is furniture arrangement. While the way you arrange your furniture may suit your needs, it may not show off your home to its highest potential. Simply rearranging and reorganising your furniture may help to create an illusion of space, a more appealing atmosphere, or even a more welcoming environment.

Decluttering is another essential process in readying your home for sale. It’s amazing how quickly we accumulate things and we often don’t realise how much clutter we actually have. By MOVINGHOUSE  Service will organise the decluttering your home, you can help to create cleaner lines and more space.

One factor many potential buyers generally consider is their ability to see themselves in the house they are viewing. Decluttering has the added bonus of clearing away unnecessary items that may impede buyers from visualising themselves in your home. While it’s important to show character and show that your house is a home having too much clutter can detract from that.

Cleaning and organising is another vital step in preparing a house for sale. MOVINGHOUSE Services can organise the cleaning out of drawers and cupboards, reorganise your kitchen and pantry, rearrange ornaments, and revitalise your wardrobe and linen cupboard by refolding and colour coordinating. We can also eliminate mess and unwanted goods, and find practical storage solutions for the items you want to keep.


Even with a booming property market, making the most of your property can ensure you get the most attention for your home, and eventually the best price. MOVINGHOUSE Services can arrange a home organising and decluttering service can help transform your house and make the most of your home.

Whether you’re looking for a little help or a complete transformation, we offer tailored solutions to all your presentation needs. Want to get it right first time? Contact us now for a quote! It’s quick and it couldn’t be easier.



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