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Professional Pet Transport services will relocate your very precious pets from the suburbs, city, country or regional areas and deliver them to your new home anywhere within Australia with care and efficiency.

Pet Transport Services door to door can include, booking the flight and airline approved travel crate hire. Collection of your pet in an animal customised vehicle. Delivery of your pet to your new home.

Our pet relocation service offers full support and expert advice as required.

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If moving nearby, have your dog or cat (caged) visit your new home before moving day and let them see that you are relaxed in the new environment.

If travelling to your new home by car, make sure your pet is accustomed to car travel and that any overnight accommodation on the way will allow pets.

Pack fresh, cool water and stop frequently for walks.

Never leave your pet in the car alone.

Pack your pets’ bedding and toys at the last minute and do not wash their bedding until your pets have happily settled into your new home.

On moving day have your pets cared for by friends or a boarding kennel. Otherwise, confine them to one secured room with their familiar items around them.

Remember to pack and have at hand immediately your pets’ food and water, bowls, can opener and resealable containers, toys, treats, leads, leashes, medications, bedding, plastic bags and scoopers. Veterinary cards, certificates.

International pet transport services

MOVINGHOUSE can recommend dedicated International Pet Travel Consultant companies that will provide a comprehensive itinerary with detailed information regarding your destination customs requirements and quarantine and vaccinations required. Airline requirements, vaccinations and health checks & delivery to your new home.

Moving pets into Australia

For any specific information on importing animals into Australia including application forms, quarantine requirements and approved countries email the Department of Agriculture at

All regulations regarding pet importation to Australia are very specific depending on the location from which the pets are moving.

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