Moving While Pregnant? Things You Need To Know

Welcoming a new family member? It is a great time to find a home that you are happy to settle into as your family grows.

We have some tips for you that will assist when moving during this special time, so that you can spend more time designing the furnishings for the nursery and less time worrying about the logistics of moving furniture and packing up your worldly belongings.

Get some help with packing

Pregnancy and lifting heavy boxes do not mix well, let us take the stress out of moving by packing and unpacking your home. We can also manage your whole move and even relocate your pets. With a white glove approach, your finest china will arrive in one piece and your clothes will be neatly rehung in their new wardrobe without having to be rewashed and ironed.

Remember if bub is already born to have a special box for their essentials on moving day.

Declutter your house before moving

Sorting out your belongings to make room for new things can often be a tedious task for some. As a new baby comes with a list of requirements as long as your arm, from a cot, to a change table, nappies and even more nappies, you will be asking where you will be able to fit it all. Let us let you in on a little secret, you do have the room, you just need to free up some space by disposing of some of your belongings that you don’t really use or are past their used by date, by donating or giving away what you don’t need. Our friendly and reliable team are experts at de-cluttering in a respectful and efficient manner. Even if you end up staying in your current home, consider decluttering your house to make room for the new arrival.

Sell unwanted items for a little extra cash

If you are about to head on maternity or paternity leave you may want to make some extra income on the side. When you are looking to move to your new home consider what items you can sell on selling pages like Gumtree or buy/ sell/ swap Facebook pages.

Make sure your new home is baby safe before you move

once you have become a parent you will never look at a house the same. Children can be clumsy, nosey and not understand the dangers available to them as they learn and grow.

Inspect your new home room by room to look for potential risks that may be an issue such as a stairwell without a handrail or supporting wall, or even sharp and dangerous fixed furnishings. It is also a good time to visit your local baby store to see what safety gadgets are available such as safety gates, bolts to attach furniture like bookcases to prevent falling and latches to keep cupboards and doors closed.

Get any DIY work out of the way before you move

if you are thinking of doing some minor renovations to your new home, or even painting the new nursery ensure that paint fumes, asbestos and other dangerous building elements are contained and dealt with appropriately. Read through your building report closely to see if there are issues like rising damp or mould that may also concern you when it comes to your family’s health.

Consider placing some of your possessions in storage

As children develop and the toys and furniture that they use now they will grow out of. If you don’t have adequate storage for big items such as a jolly jumper stand or a bulky high chair look at hiring them from a baby hire store or share these with friends who might be having a new bub soon. You can even research local storage options for the outgrown toys/ furniture; Moving House can help you with different storage options.

Design the nursery

whether it’s pink, blue or neutral, keep your nursery adaptable so that the baby who will one day be a teenager can still use the same space. Look to put up temporary features that can easily be updated such as removable decals rather than stickers and removable picture hooks instead of nails.

Plan the move early

Plan everything about the move in advance, and ask for help from family and friends or even ask us at to manage the move for you.

Keep in mind that it will also be helpful to use a babysitter on the day of the move if your bub is already born.

Our final word of advice…Be flexible – not everything goes to plan, so have a few contingencies in place.We wish you all the best with your move and your new arrival. Our checklist will help you ensure that you have everything covered for a move, and if you really want to relax with your feet up let us manage the move for you.

Check out our comprehensive moving house checklist to make sure you don’t forget a thing.