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Utilising professional and efficient corporate moving services is essential for any company invested in the successful corporate relocation of its employees. From the planning to the organisation to the execution of each relocation project, getting it right means reducing stress and providing an easier transition for each valued employee.

Which is where we come in! As a globally recognised moving service, MOVINGHOUSE Services offers a range of corporate relocation services. We specialise in working with companies by assisting in their relocation needs to support their international work force. Whether that means relocating within Australia or overseas, assisting a single manager or an entire company.

A Complete Balance

We understand that corporate relocation, whether interstate or internationally, is a complex balance. Business requirements need to be addressed while at the same time the needs of each employee – and each employee’s family – also have to be taken into account and handled with both empathy and efficiency.

Simply put, to allow employees to focus on their professional life, the details of their relocation and re-settlement need to be completely taken care of. MOVINGHOUSE Services can help with that.

How so? Firstly, we have strong working relationships with major removalists and relocation companies throughout Australia and overseas. Secondly, we have the experience and the expertise to adapt to the myriad relocation and re-settlement variables.

This allows us to create a customised solution relevant to your company’s needs, which not only ensures a smooth, stress-free move for your employees, but allows them to settle into their new environment more quickly by starting work focussed and happy.

Cultural Understanding

When it comes to corporate relocation, cultural understanding and local knowledge are incredibly important. In order to offer a successful, seamless relocation a company must have an in-depth understanding of the culture in which it operates.

At MOVINGHOUSE Services we have that covered. As local residents, our coordinators and staff are of course, well acquainted with their immediate environment. This allows them to make the best possible decisions to ensure efficient relocation and re-settlement for your employees.

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No matter what your corporate relocation needs we have the skills and the services to ensure a stress-free, seamless transition for each of your valued employees. MOVINGHOUSE Services has the people, the process and the skills. We understand the importance of getting each move right by ensuring the move runs as smoothly as possible, with each eventuality covered and prepared for.

Contact us today to find out more about our corporate moving services or to get a quote. It really is that easy!

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