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MOVINGHOUSE unpacking service can unpack the entire house or just the rooms you prefer. After the removalists have unloaded, let the experts step in. With each move we offer our individual and expert attention to detail.

Our staff are professional homemakers: dedicated, meticulous and capable and really care about the finished product. Discretion is assured. The aim is to create a delightful, organised home set up by a team of detail-driven
and house proud people.

Our Unpacking Service

All cupboards wiped, cartons unpacked and items placed in cupboards.

Kitchens functional, food items placed into pantry and refrigerator

Bedrooms set-up, clothing organised and placed into wardrobes.

Beds made up with fresh linen and Bathrooms organised

Childrens’ rooms set up for study and play.

Linen cupboard beautifully arranged.

Books and ornaments unpacked and displayed with great care.

Cartons folded and prepared for collection.

Our Unpacking Tips

Make sure all cupboards are clean and wiped out before you start, use non slip drawer liners so china does not move around.

Start with the kitchen – it is the most difficult and time consuming and is required first when moving.

Take the essential box in your car when you move. Unpack this first as it contains everything you need for the first night.

Make sure the linen is in a box that is clearly marked so the beds can be made up as soon as possible as everyone will be very tired at the end of the day.

Check all boxes for any items left inside before they are stacked up for collection.

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