Moving Interstate? Here’s Our Top Tips and Advice

Moving can be overwhelming, but changing States comes with a whole new world of adventure, learnings and opportunities- why put pressure on yourself by making the physical move more stressful and chaotic than it needs to be.

Having moved tens of thousands of clients in over 19 years we have learnt a thing or two that may help you find your piece of paradise in your new state.

Separate packing into three stages

staging your packing into three groups will help you manage the move better.

  1. First sort and pack the items you aren’t using right now such as skis in summer, or school uniforms during holidays, these items are ready for the removalist and items not wanted can be given to charities.
  2. Secondly a week prior to the move pack the rest of the items in your home that you do use regularly but can go without until you settle into your home. These will also be sent with the removalist when you move.
  3. Last but not least. Pretend you are going on a holiday and pack a suitcase. All you should have left to pack now is your toiletries, some clothes to cover you during the time until you’re in your new home. Don’t forget to pack important documents and valuable jewellery separately to take with you.

Or let us pack for you with our expert staff providing premium packing services.

Consider using a concierge or moving service

Remember that you do not have to do the whole move on your own. Moving House Services are available for you to outsource those tasks that will take up time, as doing this for many years they know how to move efficiently and cost effectively. With a warm and friendly team, your belongings will be treated with so much care and ensure that your move is a happy one.

Research the state you are moving to and have an idea where you want to live

  • Make A Visit – if you have the luxury of visiting your new state, head down a few months prior and visit some potential suburbs that suit your lifestyle and needs.
  • Online Research – the World Wide Web is one fabulous resource that we have access to Use it to research the local area by accessing maps, see where your local areas activities are, the services and community groups available.
  • Social Network – put the word out to your friends and family that you may be moving and ask if they have any friends who you can connect with. Also use social media or local groups/ pages to see what the neighbourhood news and information is such as bin collection day, local markets, find babysitters for your children, etc.
  • Plan Your Home – write a list of what your home requires, is it a garage, backyard for a pet, guest room for all of your interstate visitors. Then engage an estate agent who can help you to locate your new home without you having to visit, some Real Estate agents even have virtual tours on their website, Skype video conferencing is also an option to see potential new homes without physically visiting it.

Settle the family in to their new suburb

  • Schools – moving anywhere is a big adjustment for kids. Months before you move research schools that appeal to you and send enrolment forms to them. When you decide on the school buy the school uniform ahead of time.
  • Play – research local playgrounds, extra curricular activities such as swimming classes- most will be available on the Internet for you to explore.
  • Pets – at Moving House we can manage Pet Relocation services for you, so that your furry or feathered friend arrives safely and ready to explore a new home. You may want to also research where a new vet is located and also make sure that the new home has adequate fencing.
  • Activities – if you like to be active and social look up where your local tennis club, golf course & gym is, library, charity group etc. they are good places to meet people.

Don’t forget the essentials when moving interstate

  • Transportation – decide ahead of time if you will drive or fly to your new state, if you need to manage car relocation services do so ahead of time.
  • Lights On – Ensure that the utilities, connections and appliances will all be plugged in and turned on ready to go for when you arrive. If you need to organise utility connections, internet etc.
  • Groceries – Do an online shop before you arrive, with the delivery to be your second day to ensure that the fridge and freezer are cold enough to keep food fresh.

Don’t forget to let your friends know that you have moved

lastly send your new address to friends and invite them down to your new home when you settle in.

Wishing you all the very best with the transition into your new state. Give us a call to assist, we can help to support you and make it a more pleasant experience, and all you need to worry about is finding the best coffee in town!

Other interstate moving tips and details

If you live in Australia you may also want to investigate the Australian Government programme, ‘Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job’ as you may be entitled to some funds to help with the move.

Movinghouse has relationships with good reliable removalists that can help move you interstate. Let us know and we can arrange a quote.

Our moving house checklist is also a good reference point for anyone moving, check it out to help you get started on the right foot.

Planning an interstate move for someone in your company?

If you are an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant or HR representative that manages the move for your staff, keep in mind that we can manage the whole move from packing to unpacking, booking removalists, helping to declutter and even manage relocation of the family pet to the new state.