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When it comes to moving house there is enough to worry about without having to think about cleaning! Whether you’re looking to clean your old house before you move out, or you want your new house to really shine, we have all your cleaning needs covered!

Moving house can be time-consuming. From packing boxes to organising and coordinating the move, there is often more on your To Do list than you can possibly manage yourself. If you need help, call us today!

At MOVINGHOUSE we offer a range of cleaning services for house movers. Whether you want to give the kitchen a once-over, or you’re looking for a thorough deep clean for each room in the house, we can arrange cleaners to take care of all your cleaning needs.

Need to clean your house to meet end-of-lease agreements? Perhaps you want to make sure your old house looks spic-and-span for the new owners? Maybe you just want to ensure your new home is cleaned to your high standards!

Our cleaning services can offer a general vacuum, mop, and cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen, or a more thorough clean. We can also arrange a professional cleaning of your oven. Dirty windows? Let our window cleaners do the hard work for you. Stained carpets or couches? Our carpet cleaners can take care of all your carpet and upholstery needs.

Whatever your cleaning needs, we can handle them! Just let us know what you want and apply for a quote today!

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