The First Few Days In Your New Home

The best time to organise your new home is when you move in although it can be a frantic time try to relax & take an organised approach and start off with an orderly existence. Lay the foundations of an organised home life from the first day. Set up dedicated storage areas for every item and make sure everything is accessible and has a permanent place. You can have help from an unpacking service.  A few suggestions for the first few days are

Prepare a survival kit.

Water, snack food, pyjamas, toothbrush, hairbrush, glasses, medication & change of clothes for each family member.

Essentials to take yourself.

Tissues, tools, torch, toilet roll, towels, soap, first aid box, cleaning supplies, pet food & something for dinner.

On arrival

Check all services have been connected, be there to check inventory as removalist arrive, check major appliances, list anything missing or damaged, unpack essential kitchen items, set up bedrooms for sleeping or organise some unpacking assistance prior for that first day. Take the time to plan out each room.  Install large appliances with professional help if necessary.


Make your house  child proof if needed including outside areas. Also test smoke alarms are working and pool fencing is safely secured.


Set up a dedicated area for all your technological gadgets including mobiles, IPods, IPads, Kindles, remote controls and laptops now need an array of batteries, chargers, leads, earphones and speakers and need to be located in a secure, accessible place. Utilise small, plastic, zip-lock bags for clever storage and use elastic bands to keep leads tidy.

Important Legal Document

Best to utilise a small, portable safe to keep all your important documents together. Scan copies of all important documents and store on a USB. Mortgage Papers, computer back up hard drive or USB, wills, health records, passports, citizenship papers, banking and credit card details, insurance documents, investment records.


Label each key and store in a simple, accessible key tidy.

Lighting Essentials

Store a replacement supply of correct wattage bulbs with double adaptors, power boards, extension cords and travel plugs.

Instruction Manuals

You need them. Store all instruction manuals and warranties in easily accessible folders.

Kitchen unpacking

The kitchen is the busiest area of the home, make sure work areas are clear and the cupboards are carefully organised and have easy access. Group like food items together. Pots & pans should be close to cooktop. Appliances should be easy to use & plastics stored in graduated sets. China stored near the dishwasher & utensils organised and neat.

Laundry unpacking

Clothes take a lot of room so use plastic bins to store them in, try to stack bins under the laundry shelf so the bench is clear for folding and stacking as clothes are washed. Detergents, bleaches & cleaning products should be stored on a high shelf for safety if children are around.

Bathroom unpacking

Keep bathroom clutter to a minimum for easy cleaning around the basin. Organise electrical products like hairdryers, hair tongs & shaves together, arrange dental care items on the same shelf, toilet paper & tissues within easy reach, medicines on high shelves & cleaning products out of children’s reach.

Children’s area.

Sort toys, craft items, board games etc into large boxes. Arrange books on shelves with jigsaw puzzles & electronic games. Organise a stationery & study area for homework & hobbies.

Make the effort to explore your new neighbourhood and to meet your new neighbours and enjoy your new home!