Picture Hanging

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The pictures you hang on your walls are the most personal part of your home and it’s worth getting it right. Advising on placement of art is something a professional picture hanging company can organise for you. It’s all about achieving balance in the room – choosing the perfect positions, hanging at the right height, and adjusting to the arrangement of furniture. Whether you have precious artworks or priceless masterpieces or an irreplaceable wall of family photographs, a professional picture hanger can make all the difference to a beautiful outcome. They can simply provide advice or assistance or take care of the whole process for you. Different environments can require different hanging hardware. Track installations offer flexibility over a purpose hung installation. In the right environment, tracks can be an asset. We can provide a professional who has a sense of placement and aesthetics, as well as the patience and open mindedness to try numerous alternatives before arriving at the ‘right’ hanging position or installation. Just sit back and enjoy the transformation to your room.

MOVINGHOUSE Tip: Leave the hanging of heavy artwork or mirrors on plasterboard walls to the professionals, it will be cheaper in the end.



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