The more planning and preparation involved, the more smoothly the international move will go.

Before choosing an international moving company, do everything possible to minimize the amount of items you will move. Now is a good time to declutter and maybe have a garage sale. It might be cheaper to sell or store many of your items and buy replacements in your new country, rather than pay to have them shipped there. Ask the name of the trade organization that they belong to & the amount of time they have been in business in both the country of origin & the country that you are moving to.

When moving to another country there are many extra considerations:

  • Prepare an inventory of all your belongings and from that list determine which items require shipping and those items that need be stored. Then brief your removalist accordingly
  • Some items will need to be disposed of or collected, or sale arranged. Allow enough time for sale of major possessions such as a car
  • Arrange travel documentation including booking flights, airport transfers, passports and visas. Check customs requirements
  • Apprise yourself of luggage and customs restrictions
  •  Research and collate a file on your new country of residence. Include maps, travel guides, language translators etc
  • Transport and care of pets, including quarantine, needs be considered
  • Insurance for personal travel, transport of belongings as well as medical insurance needs to be arranged
  • Establish appropriate bank accounts in your new country
  • Cancel redundant credit or store cards
  • Advise all financial institutions of your move, including the Tax Department, Pension funds and Investment Portfolio etc
  • Share portfolios to be collated and copied
  •  Custom Duties may apply to those goods shipped , so investigate and prepare as required
  • Contact Electoral office for overseas voting arrangements
  • Apply for overseas driving licence and obtain driving record details as pertains to insurance rebates etc
  • Domestic appliances need to be disconnected and some appliances will need be adapted for use in a foreign country
  • Comprehensively list then advise all your service providers: Internet, Cable TV ,Utilities, garbage removal
  • Cancel social associations memberships where relevant.
  • Obtain medical and dental records and any interim prescriptions that might be required.
  • Obtain prescriptions for glasses
  • Arrange for vaccinations and inoculations
  • Personal papers require special attention. Everything from Marriage, Birth and Death Certificates to Wills and School Records. Keep duplicates in separate file
  • Educational institutions need to be researched thoroughly and enrolments completed as a matter of priority

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