Packing & Pre Move Services

Before the removal company packers enter the house we recommend you have the house organised for packing a Pre Move Service can work with the you a day or two before packing day to prepare the house for the move. Experienced staff can help make all the difference in assisting you to prepare the home for moving.

  • Cleaning and sorting the pantry by disposing of out of “use by date” items, placing open packages into plastic containers, disposing of items not suitable for shipping.
  • Sorting and preparing rooms for different destinations such as a storage facility, shipping a weekender, a city base
  • White goods and appliances including refrigerator, freezer, coffee maker, microwave, food processor etc. cleaned and prepared for moving.
  • Preparing a breakfast or lunch box with tea, coffee, cups and bowls, cutlery, cereal, bread, jam, toaster, kettle
  • Preparing essentials box including remote controls, keys, bed legs, shelf supports
  • Preparing playrooms and children’s rooms by sorting puzzles, books, games
  • First night survival box prepared with linen, towels, medications, toiletries, clothes for the next day, pet food and lead, special toy

Packing Services

Your removalist can provide a full packing service however if you are planning on packing some things yourself or doing sorting/downsizing and packing  professionally trained staff can help you pack & carefully label your goods.

If you are organising the move yourself you can decide how to structure the pack. If you are planning on doing some packing yourself you can have  professional staff to pack the kitchen and breakables while you take care of the rest!

Delivery of the boxes & packing materials needed can be organised – Various size cartons, butchers paper, tape & bubble wrap.

If you need help sorting before you pack let a Home Organising service help you. TRY NOT TO PACK THINGS YOU DON’T WANT – IT ONLY COSTS YOU MONEY

Tips for Packing

  1. Pack a survival kit – essentials for first night
  2. Pack lighter items in larger boxes & heavier items in smaller boxes
  3. Use clean white paper for wrapping NO NEWSPAPER
  4. Label cartons for the room its going into
  5. Fasten electrical cords
  6. Layers – heaviest on the bottom
  7. Pack books with spine on the bottom

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